Knowledge Works shall, through a team of Norwegian and international researchers, developers, and industry players, contribute to the development of a comprehensive knowledge base for the cultural industries in Norway.

How we do it:

  • Collect, process and analyze scientific knowledge on Norwegian and international experience
  • Identify research and reporting needs
  • Conduct our own research for academic, practitioner, and policy audiences
  • Disseminate relevant knowledge to the center's diverse audiences, including artists, cultural industries, funding agencies, and policy makers
  • Facilitate networking and collaboration between relevant stakeholders

Knowledge Work's scientific platform has its basis in recent innovation research, which argues that knowledge is the most important resource and learning the most important process in modern economies (p. eg. Lundvall, 1992). This is particularly relevant to processes of innovation and the development of cultural industries.

To collect, develop and disseminate knowledge is thus not enough. Transformations through social, interactive processes. Therefore, we emphasize dialogue and interaction with the actors involved in the development of cultural industries. As such, we work on the behalf of and in cooperation with The Ministry of Culture.

How can we be a resource for You?

Knowledge Works - Norwegian Knowledge Centre for Cultural Industries - is primarily a producer of knowledge, through producing our own research, but also by communicating and making others' knowledge of cultural and creative industries across our digital and other platforms.

You can:

  • Do you have a question you want to investigate? Contact us to provide input on what we should do research and we can consider next steps together
  • Ask us to facilitate lectures, seminars, and debates on cultural and creative industries for a variety of audiences and stakeholders 
  • Sign up for our newsletter and briefings to receive tips and news on the latest research happenings and events in the field