¿Por qué la gente financia proyectos vía crowdfunding?

Barral, L. M.,
Barral, P.

This study is focused on understanding the reasons why backers finance projects with crowdfunding. Researchers surveyed more than 4.000 Lánzanos users, one of the biggest crowdfunding platforms in Spain. With this data, they have achieved interesting conclusions about the main reasons that  motivate donors to invest/donate their money, about different types of backers who coexist depending on their behavior, and about principal projects characteristics which attract or discourage backers.


Women Empowerment through Creative Industry: A Case Study

Setyaningsih, Santi,
Rucita, C.P.,
Hani, Ummi,
Rachmania, Ilma N.
Procedia Economics and Finance
Volume 4, pages 213-222

Various national and international communities have addressed women's issues and taken various efforts to empower them so as to enhance their social and health status and involve them in developmental activities. Empowerment as delegation of power to someone has been a mechanism to increase personal and work life quality of woman in recent decades. Higher education and occupation is effective instrument to empowerment of women but culture role and creativity can’t be denied in this relation. This paper identifies how to empower women from poverty through creative industry. A case study was carried out in order to explore how women empowerment through creative industry is managed. Several recommendations are developed for how creative industry can participate in women empowerment. The case study develops some propositions which recommend how creative industry can have an important role in the empowerment of women. The limitation of this research is study only conducted at creative industry. Further qualitative research at other types of industries is required to investigate application of such recommendations.

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Why Crowdfunding Projects can Succeed: The Role of Proponents ’ Individual and Territorial Social Capital

Giudici, G.,
Guerini, M.,
Rossi-Lamastra, C.

In this paper, the authors aim at learning more on what determines the probability of a project to reach the target funding. They apply the lens of social capital, defined by the goodwill available to her/him from the structure and content of his/her social relations. In particular they distinguish between ‘individual’ (exclusive) and ‘territorial’ (locally shared) social capital. They test their hypotheses by running Probit estimates on a sample of 461 crowdfunding projects posted by 699 proponents and hosted on 11 Italian crowdfunding platforms.  This methodology puts in evidence that in a framework with information asymmetry individual social capital (ISC) is positively and significantly correlated with the probability of success of a crowdfunding project. On the contrary, authors do not find any significant correlation with the diffused territorial social capital (TSC).

Working Paper

What Drives Motivation to Participate Financially in a Crowdfunding Community?

Harms, M.
University Amsterdam

This thesis aims to analyse consumers’ motivation to contribute financially to a project that wants to create something new. An extensive literature and a desk research led to the development of 15 hypotheses. Ten direct effects on the intention to invest, as well as four mediating and one moderating effect were identified. A fictional exemplary crowdfunding project and an associated questionnaire were developed to test the conceptual model. The results of 196 respondents illustrated various values that drive the intention to invest in a crowdfunding project. Significant values were found within the value dimensions financial value, quality performance value, social value and emotional value. Furthermore a positive moderating effect of lead user characteristics on the intention driving value personal utility was found.


Virtual organizations – a call for new leadership

De Paoli, D.
Edvard Elgar Publishing

Virkemidler for næringsutvikling i bokbransjen

Ibenholt, K.

Formålet med denne rapporten er å utrede og kartlegge i hvilken grad det nasjonale virkemiddelapparatet rettet mot bokbransjen har virkemidler som svarer til virksomhetenes, i dette tilfelle forlagenes, behov knyttet til gjennomføring og finansiering av utvikling og kompetanseheving mv.

Vår undersøkelse av virkemidlene for næringsutvikling i norsk bokbransje viser at det er fire områder som peker seg ut for å bedre mulighetene for næringsutvikling i denne bransjen:
- Gjennomgang av konkurranseforholdene i bransjen, for å sikre mest mulig lik konkurranse mellom forlagene

- Økt forutsigbarhet i de kulturpolitiske støtteordningene, med en mulighet for å anke beslutninger

- Skattefratrekksordning for nystartede bedrifter for å redusere risiko

- Økt mulighet for støtte til innovasjon og digitalisering i hele verdikjeden

For bokbransjen, som for annen kulturell virksomhet, er det et dilemma at mye av den innovative virksomheten oppfattes som en del av ordinær drift, som det ikke er mulig å gi næringspolitisk motivert støtte til, og at det derfor i praksis blir de kulturpolitiske virkemidlene som brukes for å drive innovasjon. Dette kan være hensiktsmessig for utviklingen av innovativt innhold, men vil neppe være tilstrekkelig for å møte utfordringene knyttet til andre typer av innovasjon som handler om hvordan man produserer og selger det innovative innholdet, og hvordan denne virksomheten blir organisert.


Value co-creation as a determinant of success in crowdfunding experiences in the cultural sector

Quero, M. J.,
Ventura, R.,
Santoja, A.

The aim of the present study is to analyze crowdfunding experiences in the cultural sector as models of a type of collaborative behavior which makes use of the potential offered by new technologies in order to benefit everyone. The analysis of the structure of the relationships between actors who get involved in crowdfunding is approached with the primary objective of finding out which are the factors that explain balance situations.

Working Paper

Valuation of crowdfunding: benefits and drawbacks

Valanciene, L.,
Jegeleviciute, S.
Economics and Management
18(1), pp. 39–48

The aim of this paper is to broaden the body of knowledge about crowdfunding taking a look at crowdfunding through the prism of the SWOT analysis. The strengths of crowdfunding are: a chance to test marketability, the accessibility of capital, benefits for communities, rights to make company’s decisions stay in the hands of entrepreneurs. Weaknesses include administrative and accounting challenges, the possibility of ideas being stolen, weaker investor protection and potential for fraud, also, crowdfunding is exceptionally internet based, so investors might lack advice. Identified opportunities include the existence of niche, information society and positive effects crowdfunding is expected to have on economy, also, such threats as the risky nature of small business and unsuitable legal restrictions arise.

Journal paper

Utredning om litteratur- og språkpolitiske virkemidler

Oslo Economics
Oslo Economics, Oslo

Ses de litteratur- og språkpolitiske målene samlet tyder tall fra bransjen på at måloppnåelsen stort sett er styrket fra 2005 til i dag, og vi at vi oppnår litteraturpolitiske mål bedre her til lands enn i Sverige og Danmark. Det er imidlertid vanskelig å fastslå sammenhengen mellom måloppnåelsen og de statlige virkemidlene på litteraturområdet.

Særtrekk ved bokbransjen gjør at fastpris satt av hvert forlag i mange tilfeller forbedrer effektiviteten i bransjen (det vertikale aspektet av fastprisordningen er positivt). Det kan imidlertid være konkurransemessig uheldig at forlagene samarbeider om at prisene skal fastsettes på en bestemt måte (det horisontale aspektet ved fastprisordningen er negativt).

De mest aktuelle endringene i virkemiddelapparatet er grep i fastprisordningen og tiltak som styrker norsk faglitterær produksjon. Vi har redegjort for juridiske og økonomiske effekter av mulige endringer i fastprisordningen.

Offentlig utredning

Utredning av forholdet mellom reguleringen av bokbransjen og EØS- konkurranseretten

Gjendemsjø, R.

Utredningens tema er dagens bokavtale og forskrift om fastpris på bøker, med sikte på å identifisere eventuelle EØS-rettslige problemer med å videreføre norsk litteratur- og språkpolitikk med bokbransjeavtale i en eller annen form som sentralt virkemiddel 

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