Analyzing the Role of Festivals and Events in Regional Development.

Event Management. 11(1-2) 23-32
11(1-2) 23-32
While tourism has a long history of use as a tool for regional development, events and festivals are a more recent policy option. In both cases the emphasis is often placed on the potential positive economic impacts. In both cases there has also been little research conducted into a wider range of outcomes or into the factors and processes that contribute to these outcomes. This article examines the potential role of festivals and events in regional development with a particular focus on effects other than economic. The study reported here used a conceptual framework developed to describe regional tourism development to explore 36 case studies describing festivals and events in a regional development context. The content analysis identified 13 themes as associated with the effectiveness of festivals and events in supporting regional development. These themes were further organized according to their connections to the three key constructs of building social capital, enhancing community capacity, and support for non-tourism-related products and services. These constructs are then used to build a preliminary conceptual framework to understand the role of festivals and events in regional development.

Animatricks Film Festival 2015. A Marketing Plan. Jyväskylän Ammattikorkeakoulu

The goal of the bachelor’s thesis was to create an efficient and implementable marketing plan for the Animatricks Film Festival 2015. The Animatricks Film Festival is an annual animation-related festival held in Helsinki, Finland. The festival is organized by Palikka Ry, a non-profit organization. It was agreed upon to create a marketing plan for the next Animatricks Film Festival (2015) as there had been no previous one(s). The bachelor’s thesis concentrates on describing the concept of marketing and marketing plan in the chapter of theoretical basis. The chapter on implementation presents the practicalities of creating a marketing plan for the Animatricks Film Festival 2015. As a result, a marketing plan for the Animatricks Film Festival 2015 was created based on the needs and wants of Palikka Ry. The implementation of the marketing plan started in January 2015. As the thesis was finished before the festival was being held, no definite or concrete proof on the success rate of the marketing plan was discovered. The marketing plan is attached to the bachelor’s thesis however, it is confidential and not published. The marketing plan was intended to be used for the following the Animatricks Film Festivals as a foundation to build on more ideas.

Ansats til en begivenhetsfilosofisk utlegging av opplevelsens fenomenologi og ontologi

Sletterød, N. A.
Tapir Akademiske Forlag, Trondheim
(s. 175-210)

Antecedents of Crowdfunding Project Success: An Empirical Study

Hou, J.,
Wang, N.,
Ge, S.

The authors use a dataset from a reward-based crowdfunding platform – Demohour - to examine the antecedents of the successful project. The results suggest that project goal, duration, initiator participation and experience, the number of followers, the source of followers, and the number of visitors significantly influences project success.

Conference paper

Application of information technology in creative economy: Manufacturing vs. creative industries

Sung, Tae Kyung
Technological Forecasting and Social Change
Volume 96, pages 111-120

The primary purpose of this paper is to review the historical development of the application of IT, its relationships with corporate strategy, and its influence on corporate performance. The secondary purposes are to empirically investigate the above relationships and the differences in these relationships between creative and manufacturing industries and to identify the most powerful IT traits for a firm's success in each industry in Korea. The research findings confirmed that application of IT provides several kinds of competitive advantage such as efficiency, threat, functionality, attack, and integration, and that it significantly contributes to corporate performance. Application of IT plays significant roles in mediating between corporate strategy and performance. The research findings indicate that IT traits of efficiency and integration are the two most powerful competitive advantages for corporations. These research results indicate that corporate strategy is essential in delivering high corporate performance in both creative and manufacturing industries. Firms in creative industries should seriously consider IT traits of efficiency and threat, while firms in manufacturing industries should deeply take IT traits of efficiency and integration into account.

Vitenskapelig artikkel

Are short duration festival tourist attractions?

MEI, W.,
Journal of Sustainable Tourism. 14(1) 55-66
14(1) 55-66
This paper examines the value of short duration cultural festivals as tourist attractions, with special emphasis on their role in attracting and retaining international tourists. The study examined visitors to three festivals held in Hong Kong during spring 2004. Relatively few tourists attended these events. Moreover, most were unaware of the festivals prior to arrival and about 80% made the decision to participate only when in the destination. Tourism attraction systems’ theory reinforces the importance of awareness building prior to departure and suggests that in-destination awareness creation is ineffective in generating demand for these types of events, especially among short stay tourists. However, the costs associated with creating awareness in generating regions may not produce sufficiently valuable results, given the small window of opportunity for participation and the specialist nature of the market.
Hong Kong

Are you experienced!

O'Dell, T.
Kulturella Perspektiv - Svensk etnologisk tidskrift, Stockholm: Carlsson
10 (3) (s. 27-33)

Art and Culture, Economics of

Ginsburgh, V.A.

The article provides an overview since the starting point of the field in the mid-1960s, its main developments, strengths, and weaknesses and suggests new research avenues.


Arts Festivals and the City.

Urban Studies. 42(5-6) 927-943
42(5-6) 927-943
There has been a remarkable rise in the number of urban arts festivals in recent decades. The outcomes of cities' engagement with arts festivals, however, remain little understood, particularly in social and cultural terms. This article reviews existing literature on urban festivals and argues that city authorities tend to disregard the social value of festivals and to construe them simply as vehicles of economic generation or as 'quick fix' solutions to city image problems. While such an approach renders certain benefits, it is ultimately quite limiting. If arts festivals are to achieve their undoubted potential in animating communities, celebrating diversity and improving quality of life, then they must be conceived of in a more holistic way by urban managers. Currently, the tasks of conceptualizing the problems at issue and devising appropriate policies are hampered by the scarcity of empirical research conducted in the area.

Asociación Española de Crowdfunding

Asociación Española de Crowdfunding
Guía de buenas prácticas

In this document, the Spanish Crowdfunding Association has exposed all the details related with tax liabilities and formalities in Spain. They have taken into account all types of crowdfunding and points of view of donors and entrepreneurs.

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