Økonomien i musikkdramatisk scenekunst

Theie, M. G.,
Løge, T. H.
Publikasjon 15/2018

Menon har gjennomført en analyse av økonomien i det musikkdramatiske scenekunstfeltet. Musikkdramatisk scenekunst skiller seg fra tradisjonelt teater og annen scenekunst ved at musikken er drivende for handlingen i stykket.

Analysen viser at musikkdramatisk scenekunst er en viktig bidragsyter til scenekunstfeltet. En tredjedel av de samlede billettinntektene til scenekunstfeltet kommer fra musikkdramatiske oppsetninger. Samtidig ser vi at musikkdramatiske oppsettinger er svært populære og at disse i gjennomsnitt genererer mer billettsalg enn andre oppsetninger. Samlet omsatte musikkdramatisk scenekunst for 1,4 milliarder kroner i 2016 – av dette utjorde billettinntektene om lag 340 millioner kroner.


Mellom næring og kultur: en studie av norsk spillpolitikk

Jørgensen, Kristine
Norsk medietidsskrift
årg. 20, nr 1, 5-28

As a new cultural industry, digital game development is located between the sectors of culture and trade. While Norwegian game development is defined today as a matter for the Ministry of Culture, the industry is asking for a more holistic policy that includes trade policies. This article discusses Norwegian game policies with point of departure in research interviews with four Norwegian game developers and argues that trade policies are already included in the existing cultural policy.


Redefining the value chain of the video games industry 2017

González-Piñero, Manel
Rapport 01-2017

 As the game industry continues to grow and expand its target market to nearly every person with access to an Internet connection, the capabilities needed to gain a competitive advantage are changing too. This paper seeks to identify and reflect on the factors critical to success in the industry of video games and new factors that may arise and contribute to the future success of this dynamic and constantly changing industry. Starting from the analysis of the structure and dynamics of the value chain in the video games industry, this work will discuss the most important changes that have taken place caused by the emergence of the Internet, in an attempt to redefine and understand the new rules and opportunities for companies and players. These last have empowered their role and companies may now understand better the needs and demands of their current and potential players. Business models of video games are constantly evolving to fully adapt to the needs and preferences of users in areas such as platforms (via the Web browser, mobile applications, etc.), forms of payment (pay per download, subscription, payment for access, game extensions, etc.), or gaming devices (game consoles, computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.). Finally, some aspects of the Norwegian ecosystem are analyzed

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