Setyaningsih, Santi
Rucita, C.P.
Hani, Ummi
Rachmania, Ilma N.
Publisert i/av
Procedia Economics and Finance
Volume 4, pages 213-222
Vitenskapelig artikkel
Kreativ næring, Kvinner, Empowerment, Entrepreneur
Abstrakt / Utdrag

Various national and international communities have addressed women's issues and taken various efforts to empower them so as to enhance their social and health status and involve them in developmental activities. Empowerment as delegation of power to someone has been a mechanism to increase personal and work life quality of woman in recent decades. Higher education and occupation is effective instrument to empowerment of women but culture role and creativity can’t be denied in this relation. This paper identifies how to empower women from poverty through creative industry. A case study was carried out in order to explore how women empowerment through creative industry is managed. Several recommendations are developed for how creative industry can participate in women empowerment. The case study develops some propositions which recommend how creative industry can have an important role in the empowerment of women. The limitation of this research is study only conducted at creative industry. Further qualitative research at other types of industries is required to investigate application of such recommendations.