Mangematin, Vincent
Sapsed, Jonathan
Schüßler, Elke
Publisert i/av
Technological Forecasting and Social Change
Volume 83, pages 1-9
Vitenskapelig artikkel
Digitalisering, Kreativ næring, Innovasjon, business model
Abstrakt / Utdrag

This Special Issue analyzes the dynamics of disassembly and reassembly unfolding in selected creative industries through the advent of digital technology. It argues that a full understanding of the much-observed organizational or sectoral lock-in effects on the one hand, and the possibilities for transformation and innovation on the other is only gained by analyzing jointly how institutional logics, business models and creative processes are affected by digital technology and how they interrelate in producing stability or change. These three dimensions provide a framework for reviewing the findings of the papers comprised in the Special Issue and for integrating their insights towards a research agenda. This introduction starts with a reflection on creative industries classification systems and related possibilities for generalization and discusses how digital technology acts as a driver for disassembly and reassembly. It concludes by highlighting three avenues for further research.